Features of iCargos

Interactive Dashboard

Customer Information Database

Customer Invoicing

Driver Information Management

Unloading with Barcode Scanning

Multi Users

Live Tracking

Booking Detail Management

Branch Invoicing

Booking Routes Management

Partners/ Attachment Management

User Rights

Order Booking

Cost Management

Customer Ledger

End to End Package Tracking

Partner/ Attchment Commission

SMS Notifications

Booking & Order Number Barcodes

Booking History

Transport Information Management

Loading with Barcode Scanning

Multi Branches

Live Tracking

SMS Templates

Top Benefits Of Using iCargos

iCargos is a cargo management system solution that can drive business and provide better service to customers. There are numerous benefits of a iCargos that assists companies to move freight from origin to the destination accurately and cost-effectively. Before selecting a iCargos, understand the value of this system and how it can be beneficial for your company. Some benefits of iCargos include:

  • Reduce Manual & Paper Work
  • Automate Loading/ Unloading Process
  • End to End Package Tracking
  • Strong Customer Service by Tracking & SMS Alerts
  • Track Deliveries in Real Time
  • Reduce Stealing Chance to Zero
  • Booking Routes Management
  • Accuracy in Business Analysis

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