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Overview of Hospital Management System Software

Hospital ERP is the multi functional management system software. Hospital ERP is vast system software because it has a lot of features and modules you’ll never find anywhere else. Basically It’s big hospital management system software consisting some modules like Pharmacy Management System, OPD Management System, InDoor Management System, Laboratory Management System, Radiology Management System, User Management and Security Confused? No! These are just modules and Hospital ERP have further infinite features

Here are some features of featured modules;

Pharmacy Management System:

  • Inventory

    Features of Inventory:

    • Product Definition
    • Opening Stock
    • Stock Management
    • Batch Management
    • Expiry Management
    • Stocks Alerts
      Reports of inventory:
    • Medicine Report
    • Medicine Price Report
    • Expired Medicine Report
    • Near Expiry Report
    • Batch Report
    • Stock Report
    • Stock Shortage Report
    • Zero Stock Report
  • Purchase

              Features of purchase:

    • Purchase Quotation
    • Purchase Order
    • Purchase Invoice
    • Purchase Return
  • Sales

              Features of Sales:

    • Sale Quotation
    • Sale Order
    • Sale Invoice
    • Sale Return

                   Sales Reports:

    • Daily Sales Report
    • Monthly Sales Report
    • Yearly Sales Report
  • Supplier Management

  • Manufacturer Management

  • Customer Management

  • Dosage Management

  • Packing Management

  • Rack Location Management

  • Brand Names Management

  • Medicine Categories Management

OPD Management System

  • OPD

              Features of OPD:

    • Appointment and Scheduling
    • Receipt Generation
    • Cancel Appointments
  • Patient Prescription

                    Features of Patient Prescription

    • Prescription History
    • Medicine Prescription
    • Laboratory Prescription

                  Reports of Patient:

    • Daily Receipts Report
    • Doctors Report
    • Patient Reports
    • Patient Medical Record e.g Medical History
  • Appointment Scheduler e.g Doctor Dashboard

                    Features of Appointment Scheduler & Doctor Dashboard:

    • Show Appointments
    • Create and Update Appointments
    • Delete Appointments
    • Cancel Appointments
    • Shift and Re-Schedule Appointments

                    Reports Appointment Scheduler & Doctor Dashboard:

    • Daily Receipts Report
    • Doctors Report
    • Patient Reports
    • Patient Medical Record e.g Medical History
  • Doctor Management

  • Patient Management

  • Receptionist Management

  • Lab Attendant Management

  • Pharmacist Management

InDoor Management System

  • Patient Admission

                    Features of Patient Admission:

    • Assign Room and Bed
    • Assign Consultant

                    Reports of Patient Admission:

    • Daily Admitted Patients
    • Overall Admitted Patients Filters: Consultant Wise, Diagnosis Wise
    • Patient Admission Report
  • Patient Discharge

    • Discharge Patients
    • Patient Expired
    • Treatment Completed
    • Referred to other hospital

                  Reports of Patient Discharges:

    • Daily Discharged Patients
    • Overall Expired Patients
    • Daily Expired Patients
    • Overall Discharged Patients Filters: Consultant Wise, Diagnosis Wise
    • Patient Discharge Report
  • Department Managements

  • Room Types Management

  • Surgery Group Management

  • Diagnosis Management

  • Surgeries Management

  • Rooms Management

Laboratory Management System

  • Lab Test Booking


    • Prescription Wise Bookings
    • Sample Material Collections


    • Daily Bookings
    • Over All Bookings Filters: Patient Wise , Date Wise
    • Lab Test Bookings Detail
    • Over All Bookings Details Filters: Patient Wise , Date Wise
    • Lab Test Bookings
  • Lab Test Booking Results


    • Multi Attributes Wise Results
    • Dynamically Loaded Attributes


    • Lab Test Results Report
    • Patient Wise Results Reports
  • Lab Test Management


    • Multiple Attribute ManagementReports:
    • Lab Test Report
    • Overall Defined Test Filters: Test Group Wise
    • Lab Test Detail Report
    • Overall Defined Test Attributes Filters: Test Wise
  • Test Group Management

Radiology Management System

  • X-Ray Report

  • CT-Scan Report

  • Ultra Sound Report

  • X-Ray Report Format

  • CT-Scan Report Format

  • Ultra Sound Report Format

  • X-Ray Type Definition

User Management and Security

  • User Role Management


    • Dynamic Roles
  • User Management


    • Define User (User Role Wise)
    • Access Control and Permissions (User Role Wise)
    • Dynamic Dashboards (User Role Wise)
  • Multiple Accounts & Dashboard


    • Admin Account: Admin Dashboard
    • Receptionist Account: Receptionist Dashboard
    • Pharmacy Account: Pharmacy Dashboard
    • Laboratory Account: Laboratory Dashboard
    • Doctor Account: Doctor Dashboard
    • Super Admin Account: Super Admin Dashboard
    • Patient Account: Patient Dashboard

Settings and Utilities

  • Hospital Profile

  • PreFix / Post Fix Settings

  • User Role Privileges


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Modules of Point of Sale Software

We know basic need of every client is the availability of all modules in one point of sale software, As per expectations of client or customers we’ve developed multiple functional POS system, You’ll get all the necessary functions in this point of sale software.

There many features in our point of sale you have never seen before. If you want all the features pack in one software then our point of sale is the best choice for you.

Here are some modules of our point of sale software;

  • Point of Sale
    • Point of Sale (POS)
    • Sale Invoice
    • Sale Return
    • Sale Transfer
    • Suspend Sale
    • Discounts
    • Sell Gift Cards
  • Inventory Managmenet
    • Product Management
    • Product Creation
    • Product Category
    • Excel Import Products
    • Excel Export Products
    • Print Bar-code
    • Bulk Edit Product
    • Reorder Level
  • Promotions and discount
    • Gift Cards
    • Promotions
    • Discounts
    • Export Gift Cards
  • Employee Management
    • Employee Data Management
    • Employee Excel Import
    • Employee Excel Export
    • Employee Email
    • Employee Detailed Reports
  • Supplier Management
    • Supplier Data Management
    • Supplier Excel Import
    • Supplier Excel Export
    • Supplier Email
    • Supplier Detailed Reports
  • Customers Management
    • Customers Data Management
    • Customers Excel Import
    • Customers Excel Export
    • Customers Email
    • Customer Detailed Reports
  • Purchase Receiving
    • Purchase Invoice
    • Purchase Return
    • Purchase Transfer

  • Reports Categories
    • Custom Report
    • Customers
    • Deleted Sales
    • Discounts
    • Employees
    • Giftcards
    • Inventory Reports
    • Item Kits
    • Items
    • Payments
    • Profit and Loss
    • Receivings
    • Sales
    • Store Accounts
    • Suppliers
    • Taxes
  • Other Top Features
    • Tax Management & VAT
    • Multi Locations
    • Multi Language
    • Multiple Payment Gateways
    • Company Setup
    • Database Backup
    • Optimize Database

Point of Sale: Point of sale is the software through which you can manage your product sale, inventory and retail industry. Basically you know the importance of point of sale, now a days it’s very difficult to manage a super store or mini store without point of sale.

Point of sale system software fulfills all the basic business needs of a Shop of any kind. Point of sale includes features through which you can add, view or edit product. It includes all the stock entry, products, balance sheet, profit and loss, purchase, payment voucher and sales.

Our point of sale contains all the aspects for which you are wandering here and there. It fulfill all your expectations and demands.

There many features in our point of sale you have never seen before. If you want all the features pack in one software then our point of sale is the best choice for you.

Sales: Sales is the mega module which deals with the sale of products including sale invoice, sale return, sale transfer, suspend sale, discounts and sell gift cards. As you already know the basic purpose of point of sale is dealing with sales.

Sale Return: Sale invoice is the sub module in which you’ll get the invoice of the sale of item of product in which you’ll see the detailed sale report including items in cart, sub total, sales tax, total, amount due, payment method and comments on receipt about anything.Sale return is the sub module which deals with the sale return of the purchased item. You can manage your return policy in your comments are in privacy policy section.basically there are some reason behind this condition;Excess quantity shipped, Excess quantity ordered, Defective goods, Goods shipped too late, Product specifications are incorrect and Wrong items shipped.

Sale invoice:  A sales invoice in financial accounting is a tool that a company uses to communicate to clients about the sums that are due in exchange for goods that have been sold

Suspend Sale: This option is reserved for sales that day. If a customer is checking out and they forget something, or have to run to their car, or step out of line, you can suspend the sale in the background and then reopen it later.

Discounts: In finance, discount refers to a situation when a bond is trading for lower than its par or face value.

Sell Gift Cards: Sell your gift cards online. List the gift card instantly and get your money directly in your bank account once the gift card is sold.

Inventory Management: Inventory management is the management of inventory and stock. As an element of supply chain management, inventory management includes aspects such as controlling and overseeing ordering inventory, storage of inventory, and controlling the amount of product for sale.

Product Management: In product management you can manage your items or products with infinite features. You can add, remove or edit product.

Product Creation: You can create unlimited products or item with their full details.

Product Category: You can add multiple categories for multiple products.

Promotions and Discount: Discounts and Promotions is a mechanism that allows to adjust prices based on different rules. A discount can be a fixed discount, percentage discount, free product or free shipping. Discounts can be applied to the cart or individual line items. It includes Gift Cards, Promotions, Discounts and Export Gift Cards.

Employee Management: you can create a functional, efficient workplace by capitalizing on the strengths of your employees and motivating them to accomplish the team’s goals. Employees will be involved, motivated, successful, and loyal. It includes Employee Data Management, Employee Excel Import, Employee Excel Export, Employee Email and Employee Detailed Reports.

Supplier Management: Supplier management is key for an effective supply chain that is properly optimised and accountable, find out how Achilles can help you manage your supply chain. It includes Supplier Data Management, Supplier Excel Import, Supplier Excel Export, Supplier Email and Supplier Detailed Reports

Customers Management: Customer management is a term that refers to practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer life cycle, with the goal of improving customer service relationships and assisting in customer retention and driving. It includes Customers Data Management, Customers Excel Import, Customers Excel Export, Customers Email and Customer Detailed Reports.

Purchase Receiving: Receiving Purchase Order Items. To take advantage of the purchasing authorizations established during the requisition and purchasing process, goods and services received need to be referenced against a purchase order. It includes Purchase Invoice, Purchase Return and Purchase Transfer

Reports:  Reports track the value of products moving between you and your customers as you make sale sand process returns. A sale is made when a customer places an order.

The reports include every line item and shipping charge (if applicable) in an order as a separate sale item. It includes Categories, Custom Report, Customers, Deleted Sales, Discounts, Employees, Gift cards, Inventory Reports, Item Kits, Items, Payments, Profit and Loss, Receiving, Sales, Store Accounts, Suppliers and Taxes.

Other  Features includes Tax Management & VAT, Multi Locations, Multi Language, Multiple Payment Gateways, Company Setup, Database Backup and Optimize Database


Free Demo: Point of Sale Software

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Password: password

ITVISION.COM.PK  is one of the fastest growing Software Companies. ITVISION aims to provide ease and automation in every business area. You can tell us about your project with your demands and we are ready for 24/7 to serve you. You can make a great business relation with ITVISION.

Recently ITVISION TEAM developed ERP and Point Of Sale which is full functional and capable to handle all the industries. Our ERP is known as EloERP

What is EloERP?

EloERP is desktop based solution, with advance set of modules for almost all business industries. EloERP is a first complete POS solution with actual financial accounting module. Now you can track business status from any perspective. EloERP extensive set of modules and professional reporting makes your life much easier.

EloERP has dual styled point of sale screens. There is one POS screen, which will provide you function of grid view. This screen specifically have been built for retails, distributions & wholesale businesses, manufacturing industries, and the businesses who have large number of products. Using this screen you can sell hundreds of items by few clicks. This Sale screen is fully keyboard friendly featured with short keys. You can either use barcode scanner or one click product selection by your keypad. Our main purpose is to automate your purchase and sale process as well as shorten your burden.

Features of EloERP

  • EloERP Includes Full Shortkeys Configured UI
  • EloERP Includes Everything on Key Punching
  • EloERP Includes User Friendly UI
  • EloERP Includes Invoice Printing
  • EloERP Includes Receipt Printing
  • EloERP Includes User Friendly UI
  • EloERP Includes Full Short keys Configured UI
  • EloERP Includes Hold Order
  • EloERP Includes Un-Hold Order
  • EloERP Includes Sale Return
  • EloERP Includes Receipt Re-Printing
  • EloERP Includes Touch Screen
  • EloERP Includes Barcode Enabled
  • EloERP Includes Fast Cash
  • EloERP Includes Checkout
  • EloERP Includes Full Payment Button
  • EloERP Includes Cash Return in Invoice
  • EloERP Includes Receipt Printing
  • EloERP Includes Select Pricing Setup
  • EloERP Includes Groups/ Brands Filter
  • EloERP Includes Split Bill
  • EloERP Includes Exempt Taxes Option
  • EloERP Includes Exempt Discount Option
  • EloERP Includes On Screen Keyboard
  • EloERP Includes Multiple Unit of Measurements
  • EloERP Includes Multiple Pricing Setups for each Product
  • EloERP Includes Custom Unit of Measurement
  • EloERP Includes Custom Fields
  • EloERP Includes Multiple Brands Management
  • EloERP Includes Multiple Groups Management
  • EloERP Includes Extensive Inventory & Stock Reporting
  • EloERP Includes Batch Management
  • EloERP Includes Expiry Dates
  • EloERP Includes Shortage Stock Management
  • EloERP Includes Multiple Product Images
  • EloERP Includes Godown Management
  • EloERP Includes Rack Management
  • EloERP Includes Extensive Reporting
  • EloERP Includes Stock Expiry Notifications
  • EloERP Includes Stock Shortage Notifications

How EloERP is Helpful For You

Our powerful and desktop based inventory management module keeps you notified about every single minute outcome. Inventory management module let you manage stock in multiple units and within multiple levels. Our impressive pricing setup tool will let you define one product in different UOM and different pricing per unit. Which means you can sell one item in multiple prices. Sell one item as retail in 1 price, and in wholesale in second price. ERP will keep eye on every single stock item, and will provide you extensive set of reporting.

EloERP Includes Advance Purchase Process

Our powerful purchasing module keeps you notified about every single minute outcome. You may sell a bottle of wine, but you usually buy it in cases of 12. Define this at the purchase level, and EloERP does the math for the costs on each bottle you sell.

Features of Advance Purchase Process

  • EloERP Includes Purchase Pricing Setup
  • EloERP Includes Material Receipt
  • EloERP Includes Purchase Quotation
  • EloERP Includes Supplier Management
  • EloERP Includes Extensive Reporting
  • EloERP Includes Purchase Order
  • EloERP Includes Purchase Return
  • EloERP Includes Purchase Invoice
  • EloERP Includes Purchase Price Lists

EloERP is Capable to Handle All Industries Including;

  • Retail Stores
  • Garmets/ Clothes Stores
  • Shoes Store
  • Book Store
  • Medical Store
  • Electronics & Repair
  • Mobile & Repair
  • Food & Brevelages
  • Beakers
  • Bar
  • Cofee Shop
  • Ice Cream
  • Restaurant
  • Pharmacy
  • Toys Store
  • Pet Suppliers
  • Furniture Stores
  • Spare Parts
  • Rental Store
  • Grocery Store
  • Distribution Setup
  • WholeSale Setup
  • Gift Store
  • Paint Store
  • Organic Store
  • Sports Equipment
  • Automobile Services and Repair
  • Super Store
  • Super Market
  • Electrical Store
  • Appliances Store
  • Optical Store
  • Ice Cream Parlour
  • Dry Fruits Store
  • Pizza Parlor
  • Fabric Store
  • Sweets Shop
  • Agricultural Store

What is Point of Sale? How POS is Helpful For You

Point of sale system software fulfills all the basic business needs of a Shop of any kind. Point of sale includes features through which you can add, view or edit product. It includes all the stock entry, products, balance sheet, profit and loss, purchase, payment voucher and sales.

Our point of sale contains all the aspects for which you are wandering here and there. It fulfill all your expectations and demands.

There many features in our point of sale you have never seen before. If you want all the features pack in one software then our point of sale is the best choice for you.

Here is point of sale system software for specific industries;

List of Industries with Their Specific Point of Sale

  • Vape Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Shoes Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Spare Parts Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Sports Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Super Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Toy Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Optical Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Organic Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Paint Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Restaurant Point of Sale Software.
  • Super Market Point of Sale Software.
  • Sweets Shop Point of Sale Software.
  • Medicine and Pharmacy Point of Sale Software.
  • Health and Beauty Products Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Pet Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Pizza and Ice-cream parlor Point of Sale Software.
  • Mobile Repair Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Electronics and Appliances Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Electrical Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Fabric Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Fitness and Suppliments Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Gift Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Flowers Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Furniture Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Grocery Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Hardware Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Jewelry Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Agricultural Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Automobile Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Beauty Hair Salon Point of Sale Software.
  • Bike Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Book and Stationary Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Clothing and Garments Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Computer Repair Store Point of Sale Software.
  • Distribution and Wholesale Point of Sale Software.
  • Dry Fruits Point of Sale Software.

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CampusFlo Management System Software

CampusFlo Management System Software, School Management System Software, College Management System Software, University Management System software, Download CampusFlo Management System Software, Download School Management System Software, Download College Management System Software, Download University Management System software.

Overview of CampusFlo Management System Software

CampusFlo management system is the desktop software of I.T Vision, specially developed to assist you in managing school, college and university. If you’re thinking that CampusFlo is the small project then you’re wrong because It is a vast product which contains infinite features and modules. If you’ve a large team in your university, college or school which is handling your paper work then you’re not growing or enhancing your business because campusFlo is the multi functional software through which you can manage your university easily.

CampusFlo is actually a university management system, college management system and school management system which contains unique features and you’ll not find anywhere else.

Now a days every system is running in digital form then why not your system? If you’re running an educational system then get campusFlo and enhance your system and enjoy with a lot of features.

I know there’re many features available in the educational management system but we’re providing you all unique features in a single software on affordable price.

Features of CampusFlo Management System Software

Let’s discuss about the features of CampusFlo;

Student Enrollment:

Student enrollment is the module of CampusFlo which should be basically available in school or college management system software but isn’t. CampusFlo is offering this module with unique design and it contains detail of all students which are currently enrolled in your school or university.

As you already know that all schools, colleges and universities must have details of their students or employes It’s a policy and we have to obey so for securiety purpose this module is important.

Online Admission Requests:

Online admission requests is the feature which is currently available in all foreign universities which are offering admission to abroad students. The panel where they get admission requests is the most important module and you’ll never get somewhere else, only CampusFlo is offering you in affordable price.

Through this module you will get online admission requests directly.

Acaedmic Management:

Acaedmic management is the module of CampusFlo in which you can add, remove or view the details of class, teacher and teacher mapping. As you already know specific class has specific teacher and there’re many things to manage in school, college or university management system but acaedmic management contains all the sub modules including class defination, class session, teacher mapping, section mapping, subject mapping, teacher assignment portal, academic awards management, award winning students and class wise assignment publish.

Financial Control and Fee Management:


Accountant login panel is also available in this module which is specially designed and created for accoutant of school and college. School financial control system can assists you to manage your financial system easily. Financial graphs can show your dues and payment related things in the type of graph or info graphics. Payroll is one of the most important features of Camplusflo. There are some other sub modules which deals with financial control and fee management including payment slip, generate student fee, fee collection, fee control, expense sheet, earning sheet, fee reports, dues control system and fee SMS.

HRM and Payroll:


HRM (Human Resource Management) and payroll is the module which comprises all the sub modules of HRM and payroll including employees login profiles, employees payroll, staff leave control management, leave applications, employees designation, employees department, employees defination, employees generation, employees allowences, salary slip, employees deductions, employees attendance and employees SMS.

Students Portal:


Students portal composes of the features and facilities for students through which they can manage their classes, lectures and attendance. The announcement are also being announced in this portal, This module is only developed for student assistance. This module includes Interactive Dashboard, Class Time Table, Exam Time Table, Marks Destribution, Assignment Management, Teacher’s Notices & Massages, Awards & Gifts by School, View Exam Reports & Mark Sheets, Fee History, Fee Invoices, Online Fee Payments Through 4 Integrated Payment Gateways, Media Gallery, Library Book Issue Requests, Library Assigned Book Lists, Transport Route Panel, Upcoming Events Information and Massaging Panel.

Get CampusFlo Management System