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CampusFlo Management System Software

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Overview of CampusFlo Management System Software

CampusFlo management system is the desktop software of I.T Vision, specially developed to assist you in managing school, college and university. If you’re thinking that CampusFlo is the small project then you’re wrong because It is a vast product which contains infinite features and modules. If you’ve a large team in your university, college or school which is handling your paper work then you’re not growing or enhancing your business because campusFlo is the multi functional software through which you can manage your university easily.

CampusFlo is actually a university management system, college management system and school management system which contains unique features and you’ll not find anywhere else.

Now a days every system is running in digital form then why not your system? If you’re running an educational system then get campusFlo and enhance your system and enjoy with a lot of features.

I know there’re many features available in the educational management system but we’re providing you all unique features in a single software on affordable price.

Features of CampusFlo Management System Software

Let’s discuss about the features of CampusFlo;

Student Enrollment:

Student enrollment is the module of CampusFlo which should be basically available in school or college management system software but isn’t. CampusFlo is offering this module with unique design and it contains detail of all students which are currently enrolled in your school or university.

As you already know that all schools, colleges and universities must have details of their students or employes It’s a policy and we have to obey so for securiety purpose this module is important.

Online Admission Requests:

Online admission requests is the feature which is currently available in all foreign universities which are offering admission to abroad students. The panel where they get admission requests is the most important module and you’ll never get somewhere else, only CampusFlo is offering you in affordable price.

Through this module you will get online admission requests directly.

Acaedmic Management:

Acaedmic management is the module of CampusFlo in which you can add, remove or view the details of class, teacher and teacher mapping. As you already know specific class has specific teacher and there’re many things to manage in school, college or university management system but acaedmic management contains all the sub modules including class defination, class session, teacher mapping, section mapping, subject mapping, teacher assignment portal, academic awards management, award winning students and class wise assignment publish.

Financial Control and Fee Management:


Accountant login panel is also available in this module which is specially designed and created for accoutant of school and college. School financial control system can assists you to manage your financial system easily. Financial graphs can show your dues and payment related things in the type of graph or info graphics. Payroll is one of the most important features of Camplusflo. There are some other sub modules which deals with financial control and fee management including payment slip, generate student fee, fee collection, fee control, expense sheet, earning sheet, fee reports, dues control system and fee SMS.

HRM and Payroll:


HRM (Human Resource Management) and payroll is the module which comprises all the sub modules of HRM and payroll including employees login profiles, employees payroll, staff leave control management, leave applications, employees designation, employees department, employees defination, employees generation, employees allowences, salary slip, employees deductions, employees attendance and employees SMS.

Students Portal:


Students portal composes of the features and facilities for students through which they can manage their classes, lectures and attendance. The announcement are also being announced in this portal, This module is only developed for student assistance. This module includes Interactive Dashboard, Class Time Table, Exam Time Table, Marks Destribution, Assignment Management, Teacher’s Notices & Massages, Awards & Gifts by School, View Exam Reports & Mark Sheets, Fee History, Fee Invoices, Online Fee Payments Through 4 Integrated Payment Gateways, Media Gallery, Library Book Issue Requests, Library Assigned Book Lists, Transport Route Panel, Upcoming Events Information and Massaging Panel.

Get CampusFlo Management System

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Overview of Courier Management System Software With Mobile Apps

Courier service management system is the software which assists you in managing the courier services digitally. Our courier service management system software and mobile applications include all the functionalities and modules which are helpful for customers and service managers too. As you already know with the passage of time everything is converting into digital so in this modern age with physical business you’ve to create an online presence which will help you to work more in less time.

Our courier management system is actually a software, web application with mobile applications so that customer can order you quickly within seconds. The best thing you’ll find after using our courier service management system is that it will increase your work speed.

Let’s get to point for which we’re here. I.T Vision company is here to provide you the best multi functional courier service management system software and mobile applications. It has great mega modules and sub modules which are enough to handle your courier service.

Features of Courier Management System Application

Here are some modules of courier management system software and mobile applications:

  •  Administration Panel: The panel of the administration where the admin deals with all the features of the courier management system software including profile, requests, payments, users, drivers, reports, admins, employees, deliveries prices and car status.
    • Profile: This is the dashboard of your profile where you can edit your password, username, email address, phone no, staff ID, car no plate and your profile picture.
    • Requests: Here you’ll find the orders, cancelled, lost, damaged and completed orders. In short you can say that all the information of the orders is stored in this with their contact information.
    • Payments: The payment module deals with the payments action. You can send anyone payment from here and you can also see the paid payments from here with their complete information.
    • Users: All the users with their business type, email address, physical address are stored here with registered date.
    • Drivers: Through driver module you can add drivers and you can also deals with the list of existing drivers of you courier management system.
    • Reports: The reports section deals with all the reports including order reports, payments to customers, delivery reports and driver reports.
    • Admins: You can also add unlimited admins from here it means you can assign your role to others from here.
    • Employees: Here you can find all the employees of your courier management system with their contact information.
    • Delivery Prices: The delivery prices are actually depend on the region so here you can add, edit or remove multiple prices with specific cities.
    •  Car Status: In car status module you can see or add the status of car on which the product will be transported from one place to another. Even their expenses, accidents, police reports, location, date and time and much more.
    • Invoice Settings: Invoice panel only deals with invoice but you can also add weekly offers with advertising banner from here.

  • Driver Panel: The panel of driver where all the functionalities and modules are present which are directly or indirectly can only created for drivers. He/She can open and use that driver panel.
    • Profile: In profile section driver can edit his login details and he can also see his existing performance report of the orders he cleared. The performance report includes all the data or information about the delivering with location.
    • Orders: In orders section he can see the pending pickups and pending deliveries which are in queue. This is one of the best module and it assists driver to memorise the orders which are pending.
    • Reports: In reports section you will find the reports of the deliveries and pickups deliveries even the details of the logs of your panel.
    • Other Reports: Other reports are optional reports which includes the accident and other expensis reports which are oftenly faced by drivers.

  • User or Customer Panel: The customer or user panel who are using this courier service. This is the interface of the dashboard through which user or customer will setup an order. 
    • Send a Package: You can send a package or your item from here by placing their location and you can also see the accurate location from pickup to delivery in the map at the middle of the Web APP. The tracking line will be shown after placing a quick order.
    • Requests: In requests section you will find the request or the detail of orders you’ve placed. Requests are actually the tracking orders with their status.
    • Invoices: The invoices is the section where you can find or view the invoices with their collected amount and delivery status.
    • Payments: In payments you can only deal with the payments which are for specific customers with their existing history.
    • Track Delivery: You can also track your delivery through delivery code and you can know about the product status through it.
    • Suggestions/Complaints: It’s a fact customer satisfactions and suggestions are required in every service and field. So you can also place a suggestion and complaint from here.

Pharmacy Management System Software

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Description of Pharmacy Management System Software

Pharmacy management system is the complete software used to manage all the features and functionalities of a pharmacy management system. Our pharmacy management system software contains all the modules which are mostly expected and available in foreign pharmacy company.

If you’re wandering here and there to get a complete pharmacy management system software then you’re on right place because only I.T Vision is the software and web solution.

Confused? Don’t worry we’re here to provide you all the features which would be beneficial for your pharmacy company.

Features of Pharmacy Management Application

Here are some features of Our Pharmacy Management System;

  • Dashboard
    • Dashboard Analytics
    • User Profile
    • Company Information i.e. hospital information
    • Prefix/Postfix Settings : Indexing, Creation, Updating
  • Manage Users
    • All Users
    • Create New User
  • Items
    • Generic Name
    • Shelve Location
    • Pack Type
    • Dosages
    • Category
    • Brand Name
  • Setups
    • Customers
    • Suppliers
    • Manufacturer
  • Products
    • Products Listing
    • Product Creation
  • Purchases
    • Purchase Quotation
    • Purchase Order
    • Purchase Invoice
    • Purchase Return
  • Sales
    • Sale Quotation
    • Sale Order
    • Sale Invoice
    • Sale Return
  • Reports
    • Generic Report
    • Product Report
      • Filters : Show All Products
      • Filters: Show Product By Brand Name
    • Batch Report
      • Filters : Show All Batches
      • Filters: Show Batch By Product Name
    • Product Price Report
    • Expired Product Report
    • Near To Expiry Report
    • Total Stock Report
    • Stock Shortage Report
    • Zero Stock Report


User will be able to see dynamic dashboard and Menu bar upon signing in in the System. Essentials Summary of record shown here in dashboard of pharmacy management system application to get overview of whole process. Report against each data is also available in report section as well as clicking this report link. If there will be no data to show pharmacy management application will redirect to current dashboard page

  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Medicine:
    • Number Medicine
  • Sales
    • Sales Of Day:
    • Sales of Current Date
    • Sales of  Month: Sales of Current Month
  • Stock Shortage: Stock Shortage w.r.t to product Re-Order Level
  • Expired Products: Number Of Expired Products
    • Near Expiry: Products Going to Expired Soon w.r.t to No Of Days

Note:  Reports of all the dashboard data will be shown in reports section 

User Profile:

This is the list of the users which can use pharmacy management application.

Create New User

You can create a new user from here. Creating new user and assigning a new role action can only be done from here.

Company Profile:

You can create hospital information or pharmacy company profile from here –As you can see in above preview

Prefix/Postfix Settings:

This Setting will be appear against respective setups in purchase Code Section Along with Maximum ID of That Setup. You can change current settings and create new against many voucher type.


Items in pharmacy management system software are basically the products and you can only see the items after adding your desired products.



Dosage is the frequency or size of the medicine. You can multiple dosage from here because every medicine or pill has it’s own dosage.

Brand Name

Generic Name

Generic name is the name which has different terminology but specially it is used for name of chemical drug.

Pack Type

Pack type is the wrapping type. The types of medicine packets can be added from here because different medicines have their own packet types.

Rack Locations

Rack location is the location of shelve where the medicine is located. If you’ve seen there are multiple shelves in the hospital pharmacy department and each medicine is located according to their type, medicine categories or sorted by name.

Medicine Categories

Each medicine has it’s own category so medicine categories can be added from here.


All the setups can be created from here, You can setup all the customers, suppliers and manufacturers from here with their detailed profile.


Customer created in this setup will be shown in all sales setups e.g sale quotation, order, invoice, return.


Supplier created in this setup will be shown in all Purchase setups e.g purchase quotation, order, invoice, return.


Manufacturer created in this setup will be shown in all detail table rows w.r.t to selection in medicine creation .


All the products of your pharmacy will be shown here in the application.


All Product  
Product Creation

All the products can be created from here. You can add multiple products from here with their detail.


You’ll find all the modules related purchase here, All the purchases will be shown here in this feature.

Purchase Quotation

Purchase Order

You can create purchase order from purchase quotation also. List of all the purchase quotation will be shown here in dropdown

Here if you select PQ-001 Respective data from Purchase quotation will be loaded in respective fields;

Purchase Invoice

You can create purchase invoice from either purchase quotation or purchase order also.

List of all the purchase quotation and purchase order will be shown here in separate dropdown:

Note: After creation of Purchase Invoice following things will either be created of effected

  • Stock Will be added w.r.t Product Name, Pack Type and Batch
  • Batch Report will be added also w.r.t to above mentioned filters
  • Expired and Near Expired products will be created w.r.t to expiry report against each row Reports will be shown in Reports Section
Purchase Return

You can create purchase return from purchase invoices.

List of all the purchase invoices shown in dropdown;

Here if you select PI-001 data against purchase invoice will be loaded with respective data. If you want to return 5 and 10 respectively quantity you will enter 5 and 10 in return quantity field

Entering Return Quantity Will Update QTY in same Row. This data will be saved and quantity against this product will be updated in stock table. E.g. QTY 45 and 40 in stock against this Product and packing
Updated Rule: QTY Direct To Stock Table



Sales Quotation
Sales Order

You can create Sale order from purchase quotation also.

List of all the purchase quotation will be shown here in dropdown;

Here if you select SQ-001 Respective data from Purchase quotation will be loaded in respective fields Here if you select SQ-001 Respective data from Purchase quotation will be loaded in respective fields

Sales Invoice

Note: After creation of Sale Invoice following things will be effected

  • Stock Will be deducted w.r.t Product Name, Pack Type and Batch
  • Batch Report will be updated also w.r.t to above mentioned filters
  • Sale of Month or sale of Day either be created or effected
Sale Return

You can create sale return from sale invoices. List of all the sale invoices shown in dropdown

Here if you select SI-001 data against purchase invoice will be loaded with respective data. If you want to return 5 and 10 respectively quantity you will enter 5 and 10 in return quantity field

Entering Return Quantity Will Update QTY in same Row. This data will be saved and quantity against this product will be updated in stock table. E.g. QTY 45 and 40 in stock against this Product and packing
Updated Rule: QTY + Return QTY


Reports can be shown from here, all the types of reports can be created from here. Here are some examples of reports with their original previews.

Generic Report

Product Report

Filters : Show All Products

Filters: Show Product By Brand Name
Product Price Report

Batch Report

Filters: Show Batch By Product Name

Expired Product Report

Near To Expiry Report

Total Stock Report

Stock Shortage Report

Zero Stock Report

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Recently ITVISION TEAM developed ERP and Point Of Sale which is full functional and capable to handle all the industries. Our ERP is known as EloERP

What is EloERP?

EloERP is desktop based solution, with advance set of modules for almost all business industries. EloERP is a first complete POS solution with actual financial accounting module. Now you can track business status from any perspective. EloERP extensive set of modules and professional reporting makes your life much easier.

EloERP has dual styled point of sale screens. There is one POS screen, which will provide you function of grid view. This screen specifically have been built for retails, distributions & wholesale businesses, manufacturing industries, and the businesses who have large number of products. Using this screen you can sell hundreds of items by few clicks. This Sale screen is fully keyboard friendly featured with short keys. You can either use barcode scanner or one click product selection by your keypad. Our main purpose is to automate your purchase and sale process as well as shorten your burden.

Features of EloERP

  • EloERP Includes Full Shortkeys Configured UI
  • EloERP Includes Everything on Key Punching
  • EloERP Includes User Friendly UI
  • EloERP Includes Invoice Printing
  • EloERP Includes Receipt Printing
  • EloERP Includes User Friendly UI
  • EloERP Includes Full Short keys Configured UI
  • EloERP Includes Hold Order
  • EloERP Includes Un-Hold Order
  • EloERP Includes Sale Return
  • EloERP Includes Receipt Re-Printing
  • EloERP Includes Touch Screen
  • EloERP Includes Barcode Enabled
  • EloERP Includes Fast Cash
  • EloERP Includes Checkout
  • EloERP Includes Full Payment Button
  • EloERP Includes Cash Return in Invoice
  • EloERP Includes Receipt Printing
  • EloERP Includes Select Pricing Setup
  • EloERP Includes Groups/ Brands Filter
  • EloERP Includes Split Bill
  • EloERP Includes Exempt Taxes Option
  • EloERP Includes Exempt Discount Option
  • EloERP Includes On Screen Keyboard
  • EloERP Includes Multiple Unit of Measurements
  • EloERP Includes Multiple Pricing Setups for each Product
  • EloERP Includes Custom Unit of Measurement
  • EloERP Includes Custom Fields
  • EloERP Includes Multiple Brands Management
  • EloERP Includes Multiple Groups Management
  • EloERP Includes Extensive Inventory & Stock Reporting
  • EloERP Includes Batch Management
  • EloERP Includes Expiry Dates
  • EloERP Includes Shortage Stock Management
  • EloERP Includes Multiple Product Images
  • EloERP Includes Godown Management
  • EloERP Includes Rack Management
  • EloERP Includes Extensive Reporting
  • EloERP Includes Stock Expiry Notifications
  • EloERP Includes Stock Shortage Notifications

How EloERP is Helpful For You

Our powerful and desktop based inventory management module keeps you notified about every single minute outcome. Inventory management module let you manage stock in multiple units and within multiple levels. Our impressive pricing setup tool will let you define one product in different UOM and different pricing per unit. Which means you can sell one item in multiple prices. Sell one item as retail in 1 price, and in wholesale in second price. ERP will keep eye on every single stock item, and will provide you extensive set of reporting.

EloERP Includes Advance Purchase Process

Our powerful purchasing module keeps you notified about every single minute outcome. You may sell a bottle of wine, but you usually buy it in cases of 12. Define this at the purchase level, and EloERP does the math for the costs on each bottle you sell.

Features of Advance Purchase Process

  • EloERP Includes Purchase Pricing Setup
  • EloERP Includes Material Receipt
  • EloERP Includes Purchase Quotation
  • EloERP Includes Supplier Management
  • EloERP Includes Extensive Reporting
  • EloERP Includes Purchase Order
  • EloERP Includes Purchase Return
  • EloERP Includes Purchase Invoice
  • EloERP Includes Purchase Price Lists

EloERP is Capable to Handle All Industries Including;

  • Retail Stores
  • Garmets/ Clothes Stores
  • Shoes Store
  • Book Store
  • Medical Store
  • Electronics & Repair
  • Mobile & Repair
  • Food & Brevelages
  • Beakers
  • Bar
  • Cofee Shop
  • Ice Cream
  • Restaurant
  • Pharmacy
  • Toys Store
  • Pet Suppliers
  • Furniture Stores
  • Spare Parts
  • Rental Store
  • Grocery Store
  • Distribution Setup
  • WholeSale Setup
  • Gift Store
  • Paint Store
  • Organic Store
  • Sports Equipment
  • Automobile Services and Repair
  • Super Store
  • Super Market
  • Electrical Store
  • Appliances Store
  • Optical Store
  • Ice Cream Parlour
  • Dry Fruits Store
  • Pizza Parlor
  • Fabric Store
  • Sweets Shop
  • Agricultural Store

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